Jon Mostad, Soultype 1

I have completed my introductory 36-day series in training of the 9 spiritual portals of the body. In this summary, I reflect my reflections on what the training has given me. Let me give a brief historical representation of my life with New Equations.


BACK IN 2008

On a summer day in Oslo I meet Allan Sheets, in a group of maybe 30 people. I was ill at that time and searched new ways for understanding myself, my body and not least my life. My doctor introduced me to Kriya yoga and my chiropractor for New Equations. The meeting with Alan and New Equations, along with Kriya Yoga, became a turning point in my life.

This summer day I met Alan, I did not know anything about New Equations. I was the last one who became Soultyped this evening. When Alan took me into Soultype 1 carefully, it was like passing a gate to a new world. The following introduction to the body’s 9 spiritual postures and their gift to man and the world gave me great meaning. In a matter of minutes, my life from child to adult, was explained to me. Suddenly I could understand the incomprehensible. You may think I’m using big words, but absolutely everything in my meeting with the world and the world’s meeting with me was explained.

The meeting with Alan and New Equations in 2008 was the start of a journey that led me to California and Massachusetts, but more than that, the meeting led me to myself.

ENTER 2016

Until 2016, I followed New Equations from a distance, certainly knowing this was my path. Deep in my heart, I have always known that I wanted to learn more about the spiritual energy flowing into my body through its 9 portals. In the fall of 2016, I joined NEATO and started the 36-day training at the end of May 2017.


In the time before the training started, I was in the midst of a major conversion of projects I worked with, choosing new professional directions and the desire to focus more on my duties as a spiritual teacher and author. My working and living situation was (and is) characterized in that I live in Denmark and partly in Norway, with a lot of travel back and forth.

New academic challenges, challenging tasks with a great innovation factor, studies and authorship, travel at home and abroad, and the need for a personal spiritual specialization aimed at creating new self-development and expanded awareness programs led me to a state of turmoil, stress, uncertainty in choice and focus.

The days before I started the 36-day training, I felt resistance, irritation over the exercises that I found difficult explained and challenges in setting up correct playlists. I asked myself – «Do you bother this?».

I did so.


Within a few days, I realized that this workout was right for me. The resistance I had felt against the tasks resolved, insecurity was replaced by safety and an initial sense of a new bodily awareness came to me.

Gradually, the bodily recognition developed into a new form of consciousness in the body. The body adapted to the spiritual postures, learned to know the music, took fluent control of the transition between the 9 spiritual postures and sent the spiritual energy into the physical body so that it could express itself in the actual reality through unprecedented security. A sense of being rejuvenated.

After a week of exercise, my physical body started to react with a form of fatigue which strangely was not associated with the desire to sleep or rest. It was as if the body reluctantly had to adapt to new patterns of movement, body expression and shapes. I carefully watched not exposing the physical body to physical power, I adapted the intensity of the exercises to their intention to happen with spiritual power and not physical power. Despite this, the body told that it knew the new condition as a challenge it should adapt.

My body has done a great job and it has done the task very well.


What has the work done with me?

In the preparation for 36 days of training, I met the perspective «from a spiritual inner to a physical outer» – but it made no sense. The training has 180 degrees changed my performance. Now, I actually understand with both body and mind, what it means to move from a spiritual inner to a physical outer. But most of all, I am almost shocked to record that the body itself knows what this means. My physical body simply acts in accordance with the 9 spiritual energies without the need to direct it from the brain.

Very spectacular.

My reflections do not stop here.

In particular, three areas record significant changes in my mind. I have studied, written about and taught in the relationship between ego and soul. I have read and reflected on Swami Sivananda’s «Doctrine of the nature of the mind and control over it», among much else I have studied and sought to live in practical action. Throughout these 36 days, I’ve experienced how my mind has settled down, the ego has released control and the body has been balanced.

I would love to possess a larger world of words so that I could, with great empathy, be able to convey what I now experience as «Purity» in my energetic life, «Clarity» in my thought world and «Integration» in my spiritual and physical world.

On a practical level in the physical world, I have taken back my sleep as my best friend. The joy of being in a memorable day and in the face of humble people has become infinitely greater, I feel focused like never before and perhaps most importantly – I write with inspiration and with a spiritual initiation that brings me far further.

The feeling of what love is has created a bigger room in my world and I’m going to fill this space with my writing and my teaching.


I smile a bit of my own wording. The human body is intelligent. It stores, remembers and trades. I surrender to my body to hold the room for the 9 spiritual energies. As true as my soul inspires my mind to continue his spiritual quest, the body with all its knowledge will be available.

Yes, the 36-day training period is over, but it is at the same time the beginning.

My deeply felt thanks to Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, cofounders of New Equations.

Next phase with 27-day training awaits me.

All my best
Aarhus, Denmark 20170706

Jon Frang Mostad, Soultype 1