New Equations Music


New Equations took an unexpected turn in May of 2009 when Siv Roland, a new student, contacted Siska and Alan and asked if they would be interested in hearing her play some music for them that she had composed using one of the nine Body Resonant Frequencies. It was very surprising to Siska and Alan that she would want to do this, because she lived in Norway and wanted to travel all the way to California in order to meet with them.

Siv, a conductor, pianist and choir director who had trained at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Barratt Due Institute of Music, had conducted numerous live concerts, as well as many for television and radio.

This meeting marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. From it arose a way of composing that is in alignment with the universe: Siv plays the solo instruments, choirs and orchestras on keyboards while she herself vibrates with the music of the universe; Siska aligns the music to the earth and the universe while creating the openness for it to happen; and Alan receives the music and holds it as a foundation for human beings.

Siska, Alan and Siv began to come together frequently to compose and record music. They produced their first CDs for sale in 2010. In 2012, they composed their first full symphonies. By early 2017, they had composed over 100 symphonies for the earth and universe, and had traveled to Japan, Egypt, Norway and Hawaii to compose, as well as throughout the continental United States. New Equations Music offers their music to listen to and purchase.

Siska named their music New Equations Music – Evolving the Soul because it incorporates the mathematics, science and spirituality of their many discoveries. New Equations Music has always had a purpose, and each symphony is an evolution that gives people an opportunity to grow and develop.

  • New Equations Music symphonies are composed and played in the moment, recorded in one take, and are never rehearsed.
  • New Equations Music symphonies are played live only once – at the time that they are composed.
  • Body Resonant Frequencies are always used when music is composed.
  • A supportive and creative connection between your soul and the universe is there for you whenever you listen to New Equations Music.

In addition to using the Body Resonant Frequencies, Pythagorean tuning is also used when composing New Equations Music. Pythagorean tuning uses a relationship interval based on the ratio 3:2, also called perfect fifths. It originated from the Mesopotamian Temperament, which can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Pythagoras studied with keepers of ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge and many believed they gave him the information about the tuning. He was credited for introducing this tuning to the Greeks in the 6th century, BC.

For those in the audience, being in the magic of the energy when the music is composed and played is new, spiritual and unique. The concert happens in the present moment and the energy of the audience becomes part of the music. The music gently enlivens the Spiritual Portals for everyone. All people need to do is listen and the connection between the soul and the universe becomes available.

Alan Sheets, Siv Roland, Siska Tovey 2016