New Equations nine frequencies


In July of 2007, while Siska and Alan were leading a New Equations program in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, a participant told them that he knew of someone who had identified a group of nine specific frequencies and was adjusting the pitch of music to one of the frequencies. He had heard music played in this frequency and described how it felt in a beautiful way. As soon as Siska heard that there were nine frequencies she wanted to explore further. When they returned home, Siska did an Internet search that led her to research conducted by Wesley H. Bateman, a scientist and mathematician. In 1975, Bateman had begun a lifelong study researching the mathematic formulas of the universe and the Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt. He was also known for his connection to beings throughout the universe and was a consultant and resource for screenwriter/producer Gene Roddenberry, who incorporated Bateman’s knowledge into the Star Trek television and movie series.


Meeting Bateman was a life changing experience. The brilliance of Bateman’s scientific research gave Siska and Alan a foundation for new discoveries about the nine Soultypes. The three of them formed a special bond because of a mutual desire to help humanity move forward. Their friendship lasted until Bateman passed away in 2009, and he entrusted them with his research documentation.

The mathematics and formulas from the Great Pyramid that Bateman had discovered were remarkable. He not only discovered the mathematics used by the ancient Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid, but he also made calculations that show that the structure of the Great Pyramid is tuned to nine particular frequencies and that these frequencies resonate with the physics of nature and the spirituality of the universe. 

Siska and Alan began to research these nine frequencies to see if they might correlate with the nine Soultypes. Alan found two minor mathematical transcription errors and needed to correct two of the frequencies. Siska and Alan connected with musicians who were excited to experiment with playing music in the nine different frequencies. They met at a recording studio where they tuned and played music on keyboards in each of the nine frequencies. Siska and Alan experienced the results and impact in their bodies, which felt wonderful, and the frequencies seemed to vibrate with the nine energy centers. After additional research, including double blind studies, they confirmed the correlation between the nine frequencies and the nine energy centers.

The discovery that these frequencies related to the human body and the Soultypes expanded the foundation for the continued development of New Equations. Music converted into these frequencies supported the body through the nine energy centers in such a positive way. Siska and Alan began converting popular music from A = 440 Hz (the tuning for most contemporary music) into the frequencies for the Soultypes of the singers, composers or musicians featured in each piece of music, and introduced their new discovery by playing the music in their workshops and programs. Siska and Alan began to call these nine frequencies Body Resonant Frequencies.